Social Media Illustration

The Job of a Social Media Manager

My work at Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation, abbreviated OGEF, helped me develop social media skills. OGEF hired me to design, write and maintain their website,, because they want to educate the public and build support for their research. I have been responsible for the day to day management of OGEF’s social media presence, website and video presentations since May 2013. Maintaining and growing OGEF’s social media presence helped me develop social media skills: measuring, reporting, organizing posting calendars, and developing strategies with the marketing team to maximize results.

Successful social media strategies are driven by great content. Often we only get seconds to capture someone’s interest. I am skilled at writing headlines and coming up with visuals that quickly communicate a message and motivate people to action. I have extensive experience in graphic arts and photography working both as a creative and post production person on websites, print and video. Successful social media strategies require a highly organized approach. I know how to manage multiple social media accounts and utilize social media tools for managing contributors and subsricption services. Hootsuite is an excellent tool for collaboration and streamlining campaigns across multiple social media sites.

I have a passion for messaging on social media and building a following of people that want to go beyond just reading the posts and get involved in the mission of the organization. I do that by following best practices and staying on message with the values of the organization. Trends in social media are constantly evolving and I have a fascination with developing strategies that can make the most of new opportunities. Let’s talk about how to put social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others to work as spokes on a wheel that feeds the hub of your marketing plan.