APU Champs by Fred Currie on 500px.com

A Quick Start?

I wouldn’t characterize my efforts today as a track race. I’m feeling more like the guy who cleans up the grandstands when the meet is over. I took down the old theme and started a new WP site with the Enfold theme. The “WordPress Reset” plugin came in handy to clear out all the old pages.
The photo above is from Azusa Pacific University, APU Distance Meet of Champions. Over 100 high school teams came and ran 76 consecutive 1600m races. I got this shot while sitting adjacent to track right behind the referee. On a few occasions he had to fire 2 or 3 shots to signal a false start. In web development the equivalent to a false start is failing to clear the cache. “Don’t Panic! Clear the Cache!”
Firefox’s new private window option fully clears the cache.